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Traveling around the world, visiting places you have never been before to and exploring them can be a stressful experience now and then. Fortunately, modern technologies tend to help to go through any difficulties even experienced traveler may run into during his vacation. Nowadays modern technologies make each and every sphere of our android application development life easier and create conditions for making the best of possibilities we are surrounded by. On first impression it may sound like cliche, but there are apps that can really help you to enjoy every minute of your vacation.

We have done a research and created a list of free mobile apps that are simply must have for every tourist! They can help you to find answers to questions and solutions to problems that almost every tourist have, they will provide you with help and hints in any situation, will make you feel more comfortable in a foreign mobile app development company http://jatapp.org/ country. Anyway, the fact that heads the list of the reasons these apps are exactly what you need is that they are free of charge. Enjoy!


JatApp experts think that TripIt is an important app, because it really helps organize the trip.

It monitors and fixes each and every of your confirmation for flights and app developers reservations and creates a travel plan and a schedule for you to follow. You are also have a possibility to book a restaurant, to make a reservation or even to buy tickets for a show with the help of TripIt.

Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows.


Without doubt every person wants to travel with comfort and stay in the hotel one chooses, but what to do when it comes to layovers? Don’t be upset and don’t waste your time being blue at an airport, simply use GateGuru and search for an airport that has upscale amenities. JatApp experts are sure you will manage to find it without delay!

This mobile app development platform provides mobile application development in Los Angeles plans of terminals, security line wait times and monitoring for your flight.

Available for Android and iPhone.


JatApp experts recommend to stay safe and healthy with the help of simply awesome free app iMedJet. Every tourist is free to gain access to MedJetAssist’s medical guide where medical first aid treatment information is available on his phone or another device, and also place his personal medical data, for instance emergency contacts, allergies, medications, everything with the help of the app.

This mobile app development platform can be accessed without cell phone signal or an Internet connection.

Available for Android and iPhone.


This mobile app development visual studio in Chicago mobile app development platform makes a guessing game. When you need to book a flight, Hipmunk is exactly what you need! Instead of simply tracking which flight is the cheapest, this mobile app development platform takes into consideration such important aspects as, for instance, layovers, when advising a certain option for a user. Hipmunk can also help you find a good hotel and to make a reservation.

Available for Android and iPhone.


This mobile app development platform sets itself up as the “full body scanner of mobile travel apps” not without a good reason. Kayak helps you to make use of great amount of travel websites to book a flight, a hotel and car rental. There are also options like management of your itinerary, checking your baggage fees and looking up airport information.

Available for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Windows.


The Yelp website is well known, a lot of user like it very much, because it can be accessed in the palm of the hand.

This mobile app development platform helps to find different locations, for instance restaurants, bars and coffee shops that are located nearby, also gives information about hours, price and user ratings to help you to make the right choice, to find a place to your taste.

Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Windows.

Wi-Fi Finder

Even on the vacation from time to time every tourist feels the urge to check his email or needs the Internet excess for some other reasons. Wi-Fi Finder is mobile app development platform that provide every traveler with the help in such a case and finds over 320,000 registered public Wi-Fi hotspots ios app developer.

Available for Android and iPhone.